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    This blog is intended to be an encouragement to military wives. I intend to share relational tips, family/ parenting stories, business advice, and fertility information for those who are trying to conceive, as we are. I know there are men who are also spouses of soldiers; however, I am not yet able to speak to male issues. As I learn more, I hope to improve on my content and broaden my scope a bit. In the meantime, I welcome all comments and all participation. This blog is by not restricted to any gender. Still...I write on mostly female concerns. The only reason: I am a woman. Please feel free to comment, no matter who you are. My only requirements: respect for others and no vulgar language. I want to be family-friendly. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to get to know you better in time!
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Day 15 – Setting Goals Easily Accomplished in the Short-Term

This is the 15th day of having my blog.  I can now see how the blog helps with traffic generation, community and trust-building online.  So far, it is exceeding my expectations.  Having a home based business is not the relaxing thing I thought it would be, but all the work is more meaningful than anything … Continue reading

Day 12, Part II – Top 3 List of Work You Can Do from Home

Last year, while we were still living in Britain, I shared often with my husband that my priority is to be a work-from-home mother and wife so that I can have time availability for them when they need me. It was not a difficult sell to him because he values family like I do, but … Continue reading

Day 14 – 23 Ways to Make Work Work From Home: Tips for the Military Spouse

This past week has been sheer madness.  The Independence Day holiday was wonderful, but I kicked my work into overdrive because I really wanted to be finished with a few set tasks by Wednesday, July 7th.  That was yesterday.  I will be finished tomorrow.  I think. In thinking of my productivity, I realized that I … Continue reading

Day 12 – How to Fight With a Soldier

Yesterday was the last day of my husband’s 4-day weekend. We decided to hang out with Deanna at the bookstore and wanted to tidy the house a bit before leaving.  There wasn’t much to do – light dusting, vacuuming, and mirror shining.  He vacuumed and did all the floors.  I did a blend of a … Continue reading

Day 10 – Our Fallen Warriors: Remembering

Today is a great day in the history of our nation.  It is the day we formally recognize as the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Two days before, on July 2nd, 1776, Congress approved a resolution for independence from Britain.  They wrote the Declaration of Independence the same day and revised and … Continue reading

Day 8 – 36 Things That Made Yesterday a Truly, Great Day…

So….every day is a blessing and filled with wonder, love and lots of work…but yesterday was more remarkable than most.  Here’s my list of what those things were…and occasionally some elaboration. 36 is a strange number to choose…but that’s the number of things that made yesterday great. Enjoy, and thanks so much for journeying with … Continue reading

Day 6 – A Date With my Soldier…

Last week, my husband and I were sitting on the couch, and he turned to me really quickly and said, “Wanna go on a date?” We were half-heartedly watching television, not really paying attention to what was on, so the prospect of a date seemed really exciting to me.  I could tell he was excited … Continue reading

Day 3 – A Woman’s Worth

I used to be a single parent.  My daughter was born nearly 13 years ago. When my Grandmother first found out that I was pregnant, she made it her aim to let me know that I would never be anything in life and that success would never find me…no matter how hard I worked.  I’ll … Continue reading

Day 2 – Sleeping with the Enemy

My husband has gas in his sleep… …and he is keeping me awake with all his farting.  It’s kind of funny because he has on his SF tee-shirt and looks like a baby lying there on his side…but he smells like Poot City!  This is yet another part of marriage that no one tells young … Continue reading

Day 1 – A Carolina Thunderstorm: Welcome to my World!

It’s typical that the first night I make a change, there would be a storm.  So typical… The sky looks exactly like it did the night that we had the worst storm in St. Paul’s, NC history.  I think there were 28 tornadoes, and the town of Red Springs basically got demolished by wind, rain, … Continue reading